8 Work From Home Tips- How To Make Work From Home A Success

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8 Work From Home Tips- How To Make Work From Home A Success

The year 2020 is teaching us differently. From sanitizing our hands to working from home, we are becoming a part of the new normal. However, working from home is not something we haven’t heard or practised before. But global pandemic has given a sudden push to it. Now we are giving priority to work-from-home as much as we can. This article will provide you with 8 work from home tips.

First of all, feel grateful to have an opportunity to continue working from home. A lot of people have lost their jobs due to pandemic and we are fortunate enough to have a roof over our heads under which we can live and work.

Secondly, many of us are disappointed or not satisfied due to the less or not equal productivity we get in our workplaces. Like most of you, I am also working from home and have figured out extremely useful tips to make work-from-home a leisure. They are working for me and I guarantee you if you will follow then you will have your productivity at least equal to your workplace.

So, keep your eye till end.

8 Insanely Work from Home Tips

work from home tips

We at answersduniya, have been working as a team. After talking to each member of my team about their hacks of working from home and figuring out what works and what’s not, I have listed them for you.

We have been doing well, so will you.

1. Pretend You Are Going Office

Mostly, people find themselves struggling to get up early in the morning if they don’t have to go office. This thought convince their subconscious mind that being home is extra flexible. As a result, they end up getting up late and procrastinate their work for afternoon or evening.

You have to think your bed as your home and your workspace as your office.

Wake up early or at least not wake up too late. Now follow your morning routine like you are going to office. Take a bath, dress up fine and, then walk towards your workspace and, now consider that place as your office. Remember to have a proper breakfast before coming to your work table.

Tips to how to work from home

You will feel the professional vibe.

2. Keep Your Workspace Organized

Your workspace is your workplace. First of all, separate your workspace from your bedroom and it should be a space in your home where you go to work only.

Maintain it properly. Avoid keeping too many objects at your workspace. Only the gadgets you need, your system, a notebook and a pen should be on your table. Develop the habit of cleaning your workspace before you start working.

The reason behind this is you will not get a messy vibe. The more your workspace will be organized, more organized will be your thoughts.

This will help to minimise confusion in your head and you will feel easy to find what you need.

Key: Keep it as simple as possible.

Your workspace must include a table and a chair on which you sit comfortably and feel the environment like your office.

Here are some best choices of work desks where you can invest a little and make work from home a leisure.

3. Schedule Your Day

It is most important part while you work from home. Planning is a must and having a proper schedule will help you to stick at work. Write on a paper what are your goals for today. Hang that paper somewhere at your workplace. Look at it after completing each task to see what comes next. Keep one task at a time and try to avoid every other thing while you are working on that.

Your schedule will help you to analyse your productivity level of the day.

Balance everything while planning your schedule. Take out time for talking to family or a friend to make yourself feel connected with people.

work from home is a new trend

4. Trust Your Team

Working from home does not provide us with a luxury of observing whether someone is at the desk or not. I have seen cases where people don’t have faith in their team members. They start asking for updates again and again, and thereby they can not focus on their work as well.

Trust your people.

No doubt, it is important to be updated about team’s work. Keep coordinating with each other when you feel that need. But don’t expect immediate answers. They may be busy with their work and will get back to you when they are ready.

Be aware of your teammates tasks as well. A strong coordination is required to get things done. Fix a time in the afternoon for a meeting and discuss updates. Ask if there is something they are stuck at and help them to solve the problem.

Do not judge them always.

connect through technology when working from home
Coordination with team

5. Take 10-15 mins Breaks From Your Desk

Breaks are essential. Sitting continuously at one place is not at all good for your health too. Take small 10-15 mins breaks after your each task. Have a walk in your home, talk to kids and have a short meal.

Break the monotony of working and looking at screen nonstop.

6. Turn Off Unimportant Notifications

Prioritise one work at a time. Notifications are major distractions. Try to turn them off if not important. Stop replying amid you are doing your work. Replies can wait a little. Once you are done with your work, then consider call and message replies. Your most productive hours should be only your work hours.

Eliminate your distractions completely and if you find it difficult, I recommend you to use FOCUS to reclaim your productivity.

7. Meditate for 20mins

Meditation helps you to bring back your mental peace and then you start work with a clear head. In case if you are new to meditation, this article will push you to start.

Meditation has eternal benefits and there are various apps which only takes your interest to start your journey with meditation.

Notifications are distractions while working from home
Turn off

8. Do Not Hesitate to Ignore Any Advice that Do Not Work For You.

What works for others may not work for you.

That is true.

You may feel comfortable on your bed more than on your table. It is not necesaary to stick forcefully if any suggestion is not working for you.

Ignore them and find what is working best for you.

Having a lap desk while working on the bed is a good idea and you can have a lap desk anytime at your door. Check these lap desks now.

These are the work from home tips which works for me and my team.

Let me know your work-from-home habits below.

Take care

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