How To Improve Immunity- Boost Your Body’s Natural Defences

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How To Improve Immunity- Boost Your Body’s Natural Defences

Immunity, Quarantine, Social-distancing and Sanitizers are the words which have been becoming more common and we are hearing them almost daily since the Covid-19 pandemic has marked its existence all over the world. And the recent awareness and stress on how to improve immunity has gained a lot of importance in every individual’s life. Here you will get your answer.

The main reason behind picking this topic is the recent havoc created by the deadly virus all over the world. We have been listening to the news channels continuously stressing on the importance of increasing immunity. Covid-19 pandemic has been teaching us a lot about immunity, health, washing hands and social distancing like never before.

Being true to the fact that all the health care professionals are urging us to be in-home quarantine and to follow social distancing. Another fact which no one can deny is that your body’s natural defences helps you to fight from those pathogens and disease-causing micro-organisms like viruses. Keeping in mind and after realising that boosting your immunity is easier said than done, we have come up with easy and proved ways on how to improve immunity and increase your fitness like magic.

“COVID-19 can be your best friend by giving you immunity, or your worst enemy by destroying your health and possibly killing you.”

― Steven Magee

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9 Tips On How To Improve Immunity- Simple Steps To Follow

How To Improve Immunity- covid 19 is teaching us a lot.
Covid-19 is teaching us a lot about things we never cared before.

First of all, get it clear in your head that your immune system is as unique as you are. There is not a single “magic pill” existing which can boost your immunity overnight. Consistent practice of your food and lifestyle habits will eventually make you a stronger, healthier and fitter person.

Here we are listing 9 tips you can include in your life to strengthen your immunity and get lifelong benefits for sure.

1. Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep and immunity are closely related. You need to have proper 7-8 hours of sleep for proper functioning of your body. Having inadequate sleep is more prone to sickness and you can easily get infected. Prioritise your sleep and try to be off from the screen an hour before sleeping because some harmful lights emitting from your screen can disturb your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle.

If you are an insomniac, try some apps to reduce your insomnia or consult your doctor if required.

2. Meditation

How To Improve Immunity- Meditation

Meditation plays a significant role in reducing your stress, anxiety, heart rate and blood pressure. It also calms you from inside and helps you to sleep better. Just 10 minutes of Guided Meditation or simply sitting quietly in your room can do wonders for you if followed regularly.

If you are a beginner for meditation- this detailed guide will definitely help you to include meditation and mindfulness in your lifestyle. Read it here.

MEDITATION is really a magic.

3. Manage Your Stress Levels

Long term stress can imbalance immune cell- function. This is I am telling you from experience that managing stress levels helps your immune system to function properly. Manage your stress levels by journaling ( I always do this), yoga, meditation, exercises or any other practice you love to do.

4. Eat Whole Plant Foods

How To Improve Immunity- Boost Your Body's Natural Defenses

Whole plant food like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes are essentially rich in antioxidants and nutrients. These foods may give an upper hand to fight off with diseases or a strong immune system.

There is no alternative to foods which are highly nutritious and thereby help immune cells to function better. Your body functions as per you feed it.

5. Eat More Prebiotics

Prebiotics promotes the growth of beneficial micro-organisms in the intestines or gut. The gut health and immunity are closely tied. Keeping your gut healthy is a key to increase your immunity.

Sources of prebiotics are yoghurt, raw bnana, raw onions and baked wheat flour.

6. Do Moderate Exercise

How To Improve Immunity- jogging

Moderate exercise can reduce inflammatin and promote the working of immune cells. Exercise has a lot more benefits on the overall strength of bones and muscles, increased energy levels and happiness.

Examples of moderate exercises include walking, jogging, swimming, hiking etc.

7. Drink a Lot Of Water

Drinking water properly prevents dehydration in your body. A dehydrated body is more prone to headaches, hypertension, digestive disorders and sickness. So drinking plenty of water all day is important for your overall health and immunity.

8. Eat Vitamin- C Rich Foods

Vitamin C is known to boost immunity. Eat oranges, broccoli and kiwi. Avoid juices as a source of vitamin-C as they have added sugars which is not good for health and excessive amount can cause diabetes.

9. A Positive Attitude

how to improve immunity

A positive attitude is vital fo your mental health and physical health as well. Researches showed that positive attitude keeps you mentally healthy and you are less prone to infections while a negative attitude can disturb your mental peace and you will be sick in no time. So ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING.

Your lifestyle and your diet are in your hands. Reduce your sugar intake, meditate, exercise regularly, be positive, get enough sleep and eat nutritious food are some of the answers of how to improve immunity.

Take care

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