Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace- Know-How

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Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace- Know-How

You must have heard about hundreds of success stories of average people or not so intelligent people achieving great heights in their careers. It is not only their hard skills but their soft skills (Emotional Intelligence) also have a deciding role in it. Emotional Intelligence or EQ in the workplace holds a significant importance to excel as well as to deal with the situations personally and professionally.

We generally accept that people with high IQ reach at the peak of their careers. It may be true but the concept of emotional intellligence has gained a wide acceptance over the years.

Ever wondered how? Well, the answer is simple. When Intelligent Quotient [IQ] and Emotional Quotient [EQ] exist together, it will help to connect with your feelings, turn thoughts into actions and make decisions about what matters most to you. Many experts of psychology believe that EQ can be more important than IQ in the overall success of your life.

In order to comprehend the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace, you just need to stick with this article which will end up by giving you the tips to improve your EQ.

So, without further delay, lets begin.

Page Contents

  1. Meaning Of Emotional Intelligence- Introduction
  2. Why Is Emotional Intelligence Important?
  3. Characteristics Of An Emotionally Intelligent Person
  4. EQ matters At Workplace
  5. What we need to do to improve EQ
  6. Tips to excel in the workplace

What exactly the word Emotional Intelligence mean?

Are you emotionally intelligent?
EQ helps you to work smart

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify, use, understand and manage emotions effectively and positively. It is more than formal education. It is the sort of mental education to train your minds for facing the intricacies of life. It is the skill which gives you the ability to read other people’s signals and react appropriately. 

Just imagine you are living in a world where you can not find if anyone is sad or happy. You cannot see the reactions of your co-workers and you end up doing the opposite of what you are supposed to do. Psychology refers to this ability of humans as emotional intelligence. This is something which is inborn. However, due to mental health reasons and many more, we generally mess up the situations and then later, we find ourselves feeling guilty and regretful.

Regret and guilt are not the solutions. Solution is the appropraite action to improve emotional intelligence and to become a high emotionally intelligent person.

High emotional intelligence always helps the person to better understand, empathize and negotiate the people around them. And the punchline is; They are the action takers and thereby leading in their careers. Read further to get it better.

Importance Of Emotional Intelligence-

Your IQ can help you to get into a dream college or company but your Emotional Intelligence will help you to accomplish milestones in your field. It is going to help you manage the stress and anxiety during your journey in the competitive environment. 

Here are the five characteristics of an Emotionally Intelligent person- 

1. Self-Awareness is the most important characteristic of EQ. It makes you self-aware which helps you to understand your emotions and it never let your feelings rule above your eyes. Consciously, you feel confident about yourself and never let your emotions out of your control. 

2. Self-regulation enables you to think before you act. You don’t allow yourself to become angry or jealous and never take careless decisions. Self-regulation prepares you to be flexible, keep an open mind and learn through mistakes.

3. Empathy is the second most important aspect of Emotional Intelligence. Maintaining that attitude, you can become a good listener and recognize the feelings of others. Judging quickly and forming a perception about anything is out of your social skills list.

4. Motivation never let morals come down. You keep yourself motivated and productive at work. Challenges are what you actually start enjoying and always manage to come up with new ideas to overcome dilemmas in your professional and personal life. 

Social skills- importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace
High social Skills creates good relationships

5. Social-skills. When you develop good social skills, you are the most likeable people and everyone finds it easy to talk to you. You develop excellent communication skills and always have a helping attitude. You are the masters in managing relationships. Even if you want to give a negative reply, you leave others feeling helpful and grateful.

Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient is more important than Intelligent Quotient for SUCCESS. We all have different wants and needs, and different ways of showing our emotions. That is why emotional intelligence needs to be acquired to polish your personality to stand out of the crowd. 

Surprisingly, many companies are hiring staff based on their emotional intelligence. Therefore now you need to have it as a soft skill which will DEFINITELY make you fortunes. 

Why EQ Matters At Workplace

Importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace matters a lot these days. In a survey, 71% of hiring managers stated that they hire employees on the basis of high emotional intelligence rather than high IQ. When they hire, they also see whether you will be a ‘fit’ for their culture of organization.

Here is a list to show you what high and low emotional intelligence at the workplace mean.

High Emotional Intelligence in the workplaceLow Emotional Intelligence in the workplace
Having greater empathy Not taking responsibility of mistakes
Listening, reflecting and responding to constructive criticismRefusing to work in a team
Always maintain peace and harmony in the teamAggressive Communication styles
Do not mess up in pressureNot open to other’s opinions
Resolve conflictsPlaying the role of victim

Then What the Heck We Need to Do?

Well, that’s an interesting question. After all, action will finally bring a change.

You just need to do your first step. And your first step is to Analyze your EQ now by taking the quiz given in this article and interpret your scores. It will take hardly five minutes and you will get an idea of how emotionally intelligent are you. That’s great, right!

Attitude Is Everything- Importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace
Change this attitude now

Let me tell you ONE AMAZING TIP– In order to develop your EQ Skills, it is great to commence with Meditation. It will help you to connect with your soul and then, the magic of spirituality will let your positive thoughts dominate your negative thoughts.

If you are someone who is struggling to meditate, I recommend you to have a look at an article of – What Are the Meditation Techniques for BEGINNERS.

I am sure you will find this working for you.

So, overall GOOD NEWS is that emotional intelligence skills are learnable and build the foundation of a successful relationship with yourself and others. Moreover, I really like the lines below which I would love to share.

 Sooner or later, The man who wins,


These lines steals my heart. How true is that! Isn’t it?

What is more persuasive than reading a book like INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER by DANIEL GOLEMAN. That is a must resource to enhance the understanding of the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace and for anyone who is interested in Leadership. Also, If you are a leader and haven’t read this book before, you must read it soon.

 Importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace-Danie Goleman Brilliant Report
International Bestseller

If you really shit bricks and find yourself screwed up when the life throws challenges at you, it is the high time to roll up and evaluate yourself in terms of your reactions towards people around you. Start noticing if you really get pissed off easily when things go out of your way. This will help you to evaluate your thoughts and actions.

There is a high possibility that you will start comparing yourself to others.

But hey, stop! You need not to. We all are different. We can’t be same.

You just need to have a clear picture of the person you admire most in your mind. These people are those who handle relationships carefully, never freak out and yell on others. They know how to respond. Their actions have the power to inspire and motivate.

The next part of this article contains a book whose title is Emotional Intelligence 2.0 written by Travis Bradberry And Jean Greaves. If you really want to improve your lfe personally and professionally, grab this in your hands and you will find your way. You WILL NOT REGRET and surely thank yourself that you read it.

Enjoy the fruits of emotional intelligence

Tips To Improve Emotional Intelligence-

  1. Increase your self-awareness- Recognise your feelings and emotions and analyse what is making you feel like this. And if it is a negative emotion, feel free to keep yourself away from it. Become aware of your emotions.
  2. Keep yourself cool– Avoid messing up when there is a lot of work to do or you are under workload. Manage your work smartly and do not panic.
  3. Take decisions smartly– Think before you make decisions. We generally make decisions under the influence of emotions. Give yourself time to think and consider every aspect of the matter.
  4. Always listen carefully before speaking– This is the most important tip for having happy relationships in the workplace. When we do not listen properly, we might misinterpret the message and respond negatively.
  5. Understand Non-Verbal communication– The body language and the expressions of a person conveys a lot about what someone thinks about you.
  6. Avoid office politics- Never ever indulge in the drama of the office. Keep yourself away from unnecessary judgements and reactions.
  7. Work on motivation– This is another key component of high EQ. People with high EQ never give up on their work. There is a kind of intrinsic motivation which keeps them always trying harder and smarter. They keep inspiring others and have a positive attitude.

We learn through videos a lot. Because of this reason, I recommend you to watch this video for sure. You will definitely enjoy it and learn from it.

Always remember only you have the complete charge of your life. Whatever happens in your life is only your responsibility. If you really want to be the best version of yourself, no one has the power to stop you. You have the SUPERPOWER called BRAIN. And your brain is unique to you.

I have seen people growing and improving. And believe it or not. You need to think, learn and practice in order to grow. Emotional Intelligence helps you to deal with work-life.

Must have a look at this article to see what are the signs which indicate you if you are an emotionally intelligent person or not.

I hope this article has given you at least an insight of what it takes to be their on top.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead.

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Take care .

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